Unknown paradise for orienteerers outside of Spain. 

The Spanish 5-days was organized here August  25th - 29th, 2021.


Camp prepared for a short stay of about two - three training days. 5 forest maps and one city sprint. Stay at a hotel  in Cuenca city with the option of half board.

Perfect to combine with Camp Madrid.

Travel time to Cuenca from the Madrid international Airport “Barajas”:

Start Point: Barajas, 28042 Madrid, Spanien

End Point: Cuenca, Spanien

Driving Distance: 170 km , Duration: 1 tim 40 min, Route: A-3 och A-40

Accommodation in apartments or hotel with half or full board.

4-5 forest trainings and one sprint

Travel time and distance to Camp Center Madrid in El Tiemblo:

Start Point: Cuenca, Spanien

End Point: 05270 El Tiemblo, Ávila, Spanien

Driving Distance: 250 km , Duration: 2 timmar 32 min, Route: A-40 och A-3

Example of the CUENCA trainings  +46 70 603 10 75